Mammoth Moon

by Happiest Lion

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released May 1, 2010

All songs written and recorded by Caleb Groh.

Kelsie McNair- harmonies
Kiersten Holine- harmony on Roll, Break, Burst

Mixed, mastered and made possible by Chad Wahlbrink( who also plays bass on the record) in Nashville, TN.

I also make animals out of felt and wool.

calebgroh (AT) gmail (DOT) com


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Lo, in the Leaves
Simple little fear, I felt it
But lo, in the leaves, ain't no hint of home
The sun will resign, say moonlight
Will you be a brother and lead me to the lake?
I've got to wash that sin away
Well my blood ain't right
I'm boiling
And my pores don't cry for no reason

Well I was sleeping in the mud,
Where I came from
When the dirt became a river and carried me away
And it felt so natural, my bloodline
We die like animals but we've got graves
Someone's got to mourn what goes away
So evergreen, will you cry for me?
I am washed up 'neath your needle boughs

I burst, my chest ablaze with light
I hate you, oh you know I do
But I wanted to go like you
Solemn 'neath the cruel moon
Stars you've seen us fall like flies
Track Name: Sacred Valley, Holy Water
Mend my broke bones, holy water
Levi was the better man
He loved me like a brother and he shook my hand
And he jabs like a hero

Wandering pan man
Where's your mama?
I've followed your tracks from the barley stacks
And ever since we hit the brook I've known you're heading back
But they don't want you back

Hat full of ashes and a pail full of fool's gold

Clear my conscience, desperate measures
If I'd been a crook, hell I can't recall
'Cause I'd repented from my knees and was baptized and all
And that spirit shot through me

I went under at the bridge by the West road
I speak in tongues through your East bay window

Sacred Valley, speak your riddle
I read it in your hills at the twilight fade
And now I think I've got an answer from a motel maid
Your puzzle spells "no hable"
Track Name: Marigold, Love is a Lie
Reverend's son found me in the alleyway downtown
Old book of matches and dove in the dirt
He punched me in the back of my head
I cried into my knees, bloodied hands
And he held my coat and we walked back home

Marigold, love is a lie
Well I was out waiting by I-45
You taught me how to hide from real life
I never took you for the teaching type
Lover I guess you were afraid
But you left me heavy when you wept and went away

When I held your heart, girl I swear I saw it glow in the dark
But hell, you were cruel
Reverend found a break in the day
Where he could run to see his mother's grave
He was hell to console, but I'd said it wasn't trouble at all
And he said he'd trade me wisdom of God for a second soul

Life, you are a bottle of wine
I could take you out on a bad night
Subtle hint of malice and regretting eye
So sweet on the tip of my tongue
I heard you haven't been well these days
Just meet me on 2nd at 8 and we'll drink to pain
Track Name: Cleopatra, Where's Your Throne and What is it to Me?
Please girl, don't say I'm gone
I am coming back tonight
On that big, brute wind, on the Summer front tonight
I take you out to Torreón, I take you by the hand
I teach you how to cope, don't I?
Now introduce your friends
It takes a long, long time, to get back in that groove of mind

If you see complacency, just tell her I'm alright
See, I've been doubting deity and gambling my rights
I bid high and I aimed true and never asked for more
But when I bid on you, oh girl, I was sleeping on your floor
I don't know the time, but you weary me, I've got to unwind

Tuesday night you suck your wine and spin life like a game
And when you pass out on my floor you ask me for your name
And I say, "honey if I knew, I'd hit you with a hint"
But I don't even want to know, so I call you MEDUSA
I ain't afraid of you, I shield my eyes and I carry that blade through to you

Cleopatra where's your throne and what is it to me?
Bring back all my animals and find something to eat
Carve your name into my bed and give your maids what for
But they all denounced your kingdom while you were smoking on my porch
I can't figure why, but when you left I was heavy as the Shanghai sky
Track Name: Harvester, Golden Gowns of Glee
Isn't it like them to perceive
The dullest, dark colours in a cornucopia of leaves?
We was dancing 'round the hills
In our Autumnal feast
We was dressed in scarlet foliage
When Summer had been bereaved

If the Winter seems barren and the solstice makes you feel alone
If the water from the creek don't satisfy anymore
There is a burrow in my chest, there's a home for your happiness
And when the harvest moon comes back, we'll weave our golden gowns again

There's a fire in the valley just be there 'round seven
We'll figure out what needs to be burned, but I just want your company
There ain't nothin cold as ice when you've come accomodated to heat
But we've warmth in our bodies, we've a steady 90-something degrees

Bring your king of hearts, your throne, your
Bring your keys, your cups, your coat, your
Bring your canons, bring your gold, your
Bring your mares, bath stone, marrow,
Bring your wicker rocker, ram's horn,
Bring your 'bacco, books, your hound, your
Track Name: Roll, Break, Burst
Bumbling beasts, I raise you twenty
A race, a race, the pollen fields
Succulent, you honeyed-breath
The hours, the hours I've spent between
The house, the hive, the evergreen

Honey, Honey bees I wonder
If I may steal that plunder
A comb for Darcy, a comb for Emmababe
On three count, should we run?

Spring-sky shepherd, herd your clouds close and shade us
We who crack our combs clean
Sweet gold, hours old
That cloud-flock does humor at fingers giddy
They roll,
Break, burst
Should we run?

What homeward birds bring back
Do nest their young in April song
Oh southbound remedy
We returned, feathers free

Run, run, run
Track Name: Anabelle, Rooftop Renegade
Anabel, you come down now
I've been knitting all your mitts in red
And the fence posts speak of a million things
You could hear them if you'd crawl beneath

Isn't it like I said?
Timid robin rests
Who was whistlin' through these boughs?
Who is nested now?

Rain, you eat what's irking me
I am grateful to your valiancy
If the rooftop's soaked, child come back home
You souvenir, my blood and bone

I am a father to your tendencies
When you coil, retreat
I love you like a destined being
Some rosen dream

Ana, I am broke right through
Now what could I have done to you
That'd make you cry and run and hide
And hate me for an hour or two

I remember when you fell
And wouldn't let me help
I feel like you don't need my heart
I am empty arms
Track Name: Eli has the Quarry Blues Again
Oh how he labors, Oh how he labors
Will you come inside?
You toil through the night
Mother is crying, mother is crying
Her Tennessee tears echo through the rafters, My God

Eli has fallen, Eli has fallen
The quarry caught his boot and cut into his cheek
Salt tears and blood dear, salt tears and blood dear
Evening hides home, and Eli is alone out in dark
My God

See how the wind whips up through the oak boughs
Child do not dwell on that which makes you ill
Echo the gale song, sing bold and sing strong
And when you hear his name, say it not in vain
Oh be right
My God
Track Name: Border Towns
I don't feel you here
I don't think of you like you're here
Porcelain, pretty in a still-life
Glass ornament, O mine
Sing to me, sweet, but you're gonna leave singing

Call me when you're miserable
Speak southbound-induced miracles
Head to the border on a Saturday
Watched you drive away
Leave in your debt to my parapet
Looking out for you
Track Name: Key to Your Kingdom
Lay her in the river, brother, I know
She took your coat, she slit your throat
I know it

Wild water overtake her, keep hold
She knew her grief, go give her piece
Speak good things

Key to your kingdom, brother, who knew
You'd loved her more than she ever could've loved you
Some old truth

Why'd you always talk about your clean past?
There's none of that, and good things don't last
Don't say that

Run to where your devil couldn't catch you alive
Make him twist your scripture if he finds you alright
Take him by the tail if he don't teach you to die

Why'd you run to matrimony, God knows
That ring grew tight in the absence of entitled Divine
Your witness

You common denominator, stayed put
While she multiplied, and numerator weighed you down right
And you liked it

Lucifer was cast when he forgot how to fly
She had never learned but you'd insisted she try
She went and clipped yours and called you all the time
Track Name: Thundercloud, How Could You?
Handsome King Cloud, your longing so obscene
A heavy-hearted ring of colours I've seen
What's a liar got to do with me?

You stupid little thundercloud
How could I have brought you down?
I hope, I hope you wouldn't bring it on yourself?
I hope you don't

She is a beautiful bow
So reflective, so alone
She could use a clever, cunning cloud like you
To build her up a home

Oh mammoth cloud of misery,
Sever your tethers and make me believe
That she's got some incessant longing to leave
She couldn't go away, you'd rain for days

Don't let no cloud take her away
Even stars have fate
I heard she'd gone away
She was a wretched, little, scheming thing

How could you have known a thing like that?
She was never so bright, now, thinking back
Boy, you rain all day
Track Name: Boyhood Blithe
Elkwood, why you steal my boyhood
Why you drink my berry blood
Why you make me count the days
Until you are dressed in amber

Bear's brood, why you test my beet stew?
Why you steal my honeydew?
Why you love your cubs true
Love and long like I do?
Why you make me flee the camp
Brute, bold and honey-bellied

Fair breeze, who kissed me kindly?
Cload boats, sail idly, ivory
Moss rock, totem towering, bring shelter when the gale rage

Blue brook, babble little sweet talk
Careful, winding cold crook
Why you wind forever, restless toil to river
Why you make me count your curves
Current, cooling body-bound twine

Berries, sweet and bush-bred candies
Bright as sunlight envies
Why you make me seize the day?
Fill my buckets all the way
Nectar flowing amethyst
Sill-rested, honeyed and boiled
Track Name: Steeple and a Bell
I could not stay, I was pierced by your modern way
Woman took me in weight
But virtue gonna get me out

If irreverence is in your line
Honey, I couldn't blame you for that
No, but your family thinks I'm alright
When you stab me like God
Stab me like Old-testament God
They pray for me, and I know they do
Because I think I feel God sometimes

Monster in the closet calls, "Come here"
But my ears were full of blood
And iron from your metal words
Who put me in my place

You could come into my house
You never talk about divinity
Bring hell to my walls
I think you need to go home
You stain the pulpit with whiskey
You're spitting blood on my shoes
I bet you think you've got it bad
Well I don't think you've got it bad
I'm sick of fending your fangs
You had it out for me
You had it out for me
Oh why the hell you want me?
Oh why the hell you want me?
Track Name: Adelaide (Noon Train's Rolling Nigh)
Dinah, you fortress of loneliness, begging you
If I'm not tired and you're not pretty, God have mercy, I'm dying here
Who wouldn't want you blowing that horn all day?
But I just want you blowing away

Dinah, forsaken soul, my heart don't know yours anymore
Ten and counting and on your heels and crying out, "Marry me, love me for real."
Your somber smoke is something sweet
But I don't want it here 'round me

I will hold tight, that's all
Until I find paradise, that's right
I've come a long, long way just to see you Adelaide
And it's a long, long way back home
I will hold tight, that's all

What's my hand dear, to hold, to have, if it won't hold you back?
If I am careless and you are free, then why provide the cuff and the creed?
Thought you'd said I had caught your eye
But all I'm catching are callous nights

Well that noon train's rolling nigh, that's all
And I won't be at his mercy, that's right
I've come a long, long way just to see you Adelaide
And it's a long, long way back home
I will hold tight, that's all

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